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Plumbing and Gas Service’s:

If there’s a plumbing or gas problem in your home, we can fix it. The list of things that can go wrong in any home is almost endless from leaky toilets to blocked drains, low water pressure to no hot water! We’ve seen just about everything and know how to fix it all.

Our Services

We offer unbeatable plumbing and gas service for fast repairs. Our services include:

New Construction and Remodelling

If you’re building a new home, remodelling a kitchen or bath, or just installing a new sink or tap, we can take care of all your plumbing needs. As a certified resaler for many brand name providers, we have their products available directly. No matter the size of your project, you can count on us to outfit you with all the required plumbing.


Leave the dirty work to us! Whether you have a leaky toilet or have blocked pipes, you can trust us with all your toilet related repairs and replacements.

Hot Water Systems

If your water heater system is broken or in need of repair, our licensed expert technicians can often schedule an appointment and have the problem fixed the very same day!

Aside from poor performance and high energy costs, many potential dangers can result from an improperly installed or repaired water heater. That’s why choosing the right plumbing contractor can make all the difference. Our plumbers are knowledgeable with almost all varieties of water heaters and if you are in the need of a whole new system, we will be able to help you choose the right product for your home.

Blocked Drains

We are the specialists when it comes to blocked drains, because we use the latest technologies to clear your drain pipes clear of roots, grease or any other objects that may cause your drains to block.

While there are products on the market that offer a do-it-yourself remedy, these usually offer only a temporary fix and can cause bigger problems later.  We have the proper tools to rid your drains of their blockages without damaging your pipes or the environment, and after we have cleared your blocked drain our technicians can also provide you with several options to keep those drains clear in the future.

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Areas We Service

We service most areas from Perth to Mandurah.

Check out the map below for areas and service fees or click here for a detailed breakdown.

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Blocked Drains

If your drains are blocked! The Tap Man has the best drain cleaning technologies available that will easily clear roots, grease or any other objects, from your homes sewerage system.

We can also look inside your drains with our new state of the art recording drain camera!

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We have a wide range of tap-ware available. From the kitchen to the bathroom, we'll have you covered!


Leave the dirty work to us! Toilet replacement or repair, you can trust us to get the job done.

Hot Water Systems

Hot water broken or in need of repair? Our licensed expert technicians can fix it fast!

Accepted Payments

We accept the following payment methods:
Cash, Cheque, Direct Debit, Eftpos, Credit Card

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